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SILVER GREY Granite Paving (G603) – 900mm x 600mm x 20mm (34 pcs / 18.36m2 Pack)


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Only £19.75 per m² or £362.61 per pack (excl.VAT)

...which means £435.13 per pack, including VAT and Delivery!

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SILVER GREY GRANITE PAVING now at just £19.75 per m2 or £362.61 per pack plus vat, with delivery included.
There is 18.36m2 per pack containing 34 pieces at 900mm x 600mm – all at 20mm in thickness.
This pure natural granite paving is perfect for contemporary properties. Its surface is flamed to produce a durable paving slab with good grip and has sawn edges allowing the paving to be closely butted together.
Please be aware that granite paving which may be cheaper is likely to be thinner and less substantial. Granite paving really needs to be 20mm in thickness to be effective.
Please note that within the Silver Grey Granite Paving slabs there will be a small percentage that contain yellow granite markings.


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