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KANDLA GREY 2m Diameter Circle (Centre +16 + 16)


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Code: ISSCIR22-010.

£225.00 per pack (excl.VAT)

...which means £270.00 per pack, including VAT and Delivery!

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At £225.00 + vat with DELIVERY INCLUDED for this Kandla Grey 2m Diameter Circle.
The kit consists of 1 centre stone and 2 further rings to a diameter of 2m. Pieces per circle are 1 centre stone / 16 first ring segments / 16 second ring segments.
*** PLEASE NOTE – If you are incorporating the circle feature within Kandla Grey paving, please be aware that the circles will have been quarried at a different time to the paving and a noticeable colour / shade difference will be more than likely. Perhaps border it with some setts/cobbles to highlight the feature, removing the shade change issue.