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BLACK Limestone – 4 Size / 18m2 Project Pack

(1a - BLS - 22mm Calibrated - Project Pack)

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Code: 1a - BLS - 22mm Calibrated - Project Pack.

Only £24.50 per m² or £441.00 per pack (excl.VAT)

...which means £529.20 per pack, including VAT and Delivery!

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A very popular choice. This stone is jet black when wet and dark grey to black when dry.
At £441.00 per pack (£24.50/m2) + vat with DELIVERY INCLUDED.
This first grade BLACK Indian Limestone paving has the same rivened top surface but has sawn edges and the underside has been calibrated to a set depth of approximately 22mm. This process enables the laying of the paving much easier and quicker saving on labour costs.
In a pack you get;
15 @ 900mm x 600mm
15 @ 600mm x 600mm
15 @ 600mm x 290mm
13 @ 290mm x 290mm
covering an approx area of 18m2 when laid using a 10mm joint.
Please note that 22mm calibrated can still vary a few mm +/-
Please note, this is one of the few natural stones that will fade when weathered down. Please ask for advice as you can seal this product to keep the original appearance.