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KANDLA GREY – 900mm x 600mm Single Size / 19m2 Pack

(2b - KG - 22mm Calibrated - 900x600 Pack)

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Code: 2b - KG - 22mm Calibrated - 900x600 Pack.

Only £28.50 per m² or £541.50 per pack (excl.VAT)

...which means £649.80 per pack, including VAT and Delivery!

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This first grade KANDLA GREY Indian Stone paving has the same rivened top surface and hand fettled edges as the hand cut range but the underside has been calibrated to a set depth of approximately 22mm. This process enables the laying of the paving much easier and quicker saving on labour costs.

This option is supplied in 19m2 crates with just the 900mm x 600mm size in the crate – see details below:

£28.50 per m2 = £541.50 per pack plus VAT

or with VAT…

£34.20 per m2  = £649.80 per pack including VAT

The pack contains the following sizes and quantities:

34 @ 900mm x 600mm

Prices include delivery to most areas of the UK.

Please note that 22mm calibrated can still vary a few mm +/-


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