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FOSSIL BUFF – 4 Size / 20 m2 Project Pack

(9 - FB - 22mm Calibrated - Project Pack)

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Code: 9 - FB - 22mm Calibrated - Project Pack.

Only £28.50 per m² or £570.00 per pack (excl.VAT)

...which means £684.00 per pack, including VAT and Delivery!

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At £570.00 per pack or £28.50 per m2 + vat with DELIVERY INCLUDED.
This CALIBRATED Fossil Buff Indian Stone paving has the normal rivened top surface and hand fettled edges but the underside has been calibrated to a set depth of approximately 22mm. This process enables the laying of the paving much easier and quicker.
In a pack you get:
17 @ 900mm x 600mm
17 @ 600mm x 600mm
15 @ 600mm x 290mm
13 @ 290mm x 290mm
… covering an approx area of 20m2 when laid using a 10mm joint.
Please note that 22mm calibrated can still vary a few mm +/-. This stone may also be called or known as Fossil Mint.