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Indian Stone Direct

Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure good and reasonable access for delivery vehicles. We strongly recommend you order your stone to arrive a couple of days before your laying date (during the prep work is always a good time). We will not accept liability for standing labour if your delivery arrives late. If you are paying people to move your stone as soon as it arrives then please consider an AM delivery for an extra £24. It can be very frustrating to have paid labour on standby all day for your delivery to arrive at 4.30 in the afternoon.


Natural Stone Product Advice:(breakages – see below)

Which way up should I lay my stone?

There are a couple of simple checks you can do to make sure you lay your natural stone the correct way up. Lay two pieces on the floor side by side, if the joint looks like an upside down “V” then that is the correct way up. Similarly if your joint looks like a wide “V” then that is the wrong way up. Generally the larger surface face is upwards. You can of course choose to lay your stone the wrong way up but the colouring and surface can vary in the extreme and of course the joints will be very wide.

If you require a set, structured pattern then please let us know and we will advise accordingly.

Colour: remember if you are buying a natural product we cannot guarantee colour! Colours of the same stone can vary enormously between batches, containers and sometimes even crates. If colour is important to you then please ask. We cannot guarantee colours shown on our website and colours you may receive.

Colour variation: a safe rule is, if you buy more than one pack then you must lay from more than one pack. Please don’t lay one pack at a time.

Weathering, site conditions and other factors (local aggregates etc) can cause variations in colour or discolouration to appear within the stone. We cannot accept responsibility for any discolouration after the stone has been laid.

Like all other suppliers our stone is stored outside open to the elements. Stone markings; it is simply not possible to supply paving that will be completely perfect when it arrives to you. Please understand that on occasion some markings and/or stains could be present on the surface or edges of the stone after unpacking. This can be due to a number of reasons outside of our control (transit rub marks / wood stains from crates / powder or dust stains / algae) These will disappear in time or can be lessened in the first instance with a quick hose down or power wash whilst still in the crates. If this happens please accept our apologies. Any staining from crates can normally be dealt with by using neat bleach brushed up to a foam with a stiff yard brush then washed off after 20/30 minutes. Please be aware that this minor issue is unavoidable and we cannot be held responsible for this occurrence. We continually work with our suppliers to improve all aspects of our service. Kandla or Light Grey contains natural iron and this may oxidise and show as brown markings. It will affect some flags more than others, this is inherent in the stone and in no way should be seen as a fault. This can also happen with granite stone. We cannot be held responsible or accept any liability for any faults or colour changes which become apparent after laying.

Laying guides and patterns; it is unusual to get a structured laying pattern (for example the dutch or tudor pattern) with most natural stones. It is normally laid randomly or stretcher bond, we can supply basic laying guides to start you off however these don’t always reflect the exact contents of packs.

Measuring your patio: if you are including a circle or other feature within your patio don’t forget to take off the area of the feature! It can get very complicated if you or your contractor forget and make the simple error of ordering too much but please remember one thing; if you do it’s not our fault. If your order is already on route or delivered there will be costs involved!

The beauty of natural stone is its colour variation and texture; this will vary between batches so for larger jobs you may want to consider buying enough for the complete project and avoid buying more from a later batch. Once paid for we can usually hold all or part of your order until you require it, please call for details. We cannot guarantee similarity between photographs on our website and the natural stone it relates too…it can sometimes vary that much! Please call 0151 357 2244 and ask if colour is important to you. Not only do batches vary but crates can vary too so for that reason we recommend laying from more than one crate. Natural stone products are affected by sunlight and rainfall and because of its texture there will be a small element of pooling after rainfall, this is inevitable and generally accepted. Weathering and site conditions can also cause variations in shade to appear. Please note, it is not uncommon for some natural stone colours to be known by several names. Some colours vary more than others and some textures are rougher than others; please ask for advice. Natural stone may develop shaded marking, deposits or patches as natural mineral content oxidises. It is important to identify any markings that are visually apparent prior to laying as we cannot be held responsible for costs of uplifting and/or relaying. We cannot take back, for whatever reason, any product that has been laid. In all natural stone you will get pieces that are very riven and rough on the surface, again this is normal and these pieces should be used for cuts or placed around the edges of patios. If you cannot accept the variations natural stone brings then it may not be for you.

Natural stone flags are chamfered and the correct way to lay is with the larger face upwards (if you were to lay two slabs on the floor side by side the joint would look like an “UPSIDE DOWN V”). If you lay your stone any other way than is recommended on this website you must inform us at time of order. If you are ordering to add to an existing patio please inform us of this too. Lay on a full bed of semi-dry or wet mortar (not the “5 spot” method), we recommend using grit/washed sand (not red sand) and care needs to be taken with cement as this can stain the flags. Ideally a patio will fall away from the house and must be two bricks below the damp course. Most natural stones can be used for driveways and again must be laid on a full bed of wet mortar. On certain natural stones more care needs to be taken when laying; for example the sawn products we would recommend sealing the underside with a PVA solution to aid adhesion and reduce the possible effect of efflorescance from the cement used. Please ask for more info.

Circles – important product information

It is important to remember that all our natural stone is “hand-cut” and therefore measurements are never going to be exact, this is a particularly important point to remember if you are using a circle for steps, raised features, walls etc. It is normal and good practice to “dry-lay” the circle feature before putting down footings or building walls to make sure measurements are correct and will fit. Much easier to build to the circle size than trying to get a circle to fit what is already laid or built! Please think the project through, talk with your contractor or call us for advice; we will always give honest advice, even at the expense of your order. There can sometimes be a colour variation with circles from the same type of stone, this is simply because more paving is produced than circles but it is worth bearing in mind. We have had a couple of instances when circles have been refused on delivery because parts look broken, however upon inspection the circles turn out to be in perfect condition. This normally happens when people mistake pieces of broken stone used for packing or a part of the squaring off kit as a broken segment. Never refuse a delivery before calling us first.

Dimensions and Measurements

All dimensions given are nominal and subject to manufacturing and production tolerances, please remember natural stone is hand-cut so dimensions and thickness are never going to be exact. All dimensions and thickness quoted on this website are for guidence only. The quoted sizes and coverage of our paving ranges and patio packs are for the overall areas including appropriate joints, making it easier for you to plan a project and order correct quantities. This is standard practise and procedure throughout the industry and implemented by all leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Calibrated Stone

Calibration is the process whereby the stone is put through a machine to achieve flags of approximately the same thickness. The stone will retain its natural riven surface but will show the calibration tool marks on the underside. Because of this process nearly all calibrated stone is very very dusty! If the stone is going to sit for a few days we recommend removing all wrapping to allow natural washing by rain or to hose down before fitting. Certain types of stone are sometimes calibrated simply to reduce the thickness after quarrying. This may not be listed or sold as calibrated on our website and in these instances neither will it be charged for.


In a perfect world this wouldn’t happen, I would be a millionaire, play golf like Rory McIlroy and hang around with Kylie Minogue but as we all know, life isn’t perfect! Our stone is ethically sourced in India, it is crated up and will next see the light of day when you unpack it. In between it is transported from the quarry to the docks, put into a container, thrown around on the high seas for 6 weeks then unloaded in the UK. It travels to us, you buy it and finally we arrange transport to you. In all of that the odd breakage may occur, unfortunately replacement is not an option as these would certainly get broken in transit. Please remember most broken flags can be used for cuts and we, along with every other manufacturer and supplier recommend you allow at least 10% for cuts and breakages (and maybe the odd one you might not like the look of!) Because of this a refund or replacement will only occur in exceptional circumstances. However (and we do check), if there is significant damage then please let us know and we will do all we can to resolve the problem (significant damage is more than 10%). If you are ordering close to exactly what you want then please let us know and we will try and offer ideas and suggestions. I hope you appreciate our honesty and can be a little reasonable in return. Almost all flags will suffer small scuff or rub marks in transit, these are normally very minor and will disappear in a short time when laid.

Damage on Delivery

If you have a problem with your delivery and damage occurs or you suspect the product may be damaged then please sign the note as “Damaged on Delivery”. If you do not we cannot make a successful claim against insurance and ultimately replace any goods for you.


Natural stone can be sealed and we recommend PAVE-GARD®. This will enhance the colour and offer some protection against everyday dirt, oil, food and drink spillage and will simplify cleaning and maintenance. If used on Limestone, coat only once. No more than two coats should be applied to natural stone as anymore may cause “peeling” of the sealer, please call for technical advice.


Whilst we pride ourselves on and make every effort to give sound and honest advice we cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury sustained following it. Please call 0151 357 2244 if you have any questions.


We can offer samples of most products for a charge of £18 to cover courier costs. However, samples can be an uncertain area as almost every piece of natural stone can vary in colour and texture so it may not be representative of the product. We would however recommend you see a sample of any high value product.

For those closer to our home (Cheshire, North Wales, Merseyside, South Manchester) we can recommend highly skilled contractors to lay and if you require, offer you sound advice on the design of your patio/driveway. Please call for more details.

We are a small family business and always give honest advice, if it is not what you want to hear we apologise but would rather tell the truth. We have lost possible orders because of our honesty but would rather sleep at night. Enjoy your visit to our website!