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How To Order From Indian Stone Direct

Don’t forget, all our prices include delivery

Order entry – if we enter an order for you it is up to you to check your order and that your details are correct. Please inform us immediately of any errors.

Our “delivery window” is normally 7.30am to 6.30pm, please bear this in mind when ordering, do not expect to start laying your stone on the day of delivery as it may not arrive until late afternoon. Please note – we can’t track orders and at best, will only be able to confirm your order is on the vehicle that day. It is difficult to provide an eta for your order.

You can add or take any item out of your basket at any time; when you add remember to press the update button, to take any item out press the red “X” next to the item you no longer require.

When you are ready to place and pay for your order just click the “Proceed to checkout” button to start the process. You will first make an order then secondly, pay for it

The first information you will enter is your name, email and contact number and the first address you enter is the delivery address. Next is the billing address, if the address and details are the same as the delivery address then just tick the box. If the billing address is different from the delivery address then leave the box unticked and enter the billing address. The correct billing address must be entered otherwise payment will not be accepted by your card issuer.

Click for next step then a “Delivery Address Confirmation” will show plus some delivery Terms and Conditions. Click the “I have read and understood the information above” to continue. Then a checkout order confirmation will show giving a summary of your order plus delivery address. There is a comment box for any additional info for any notes, instructions or relevant info you wish to include, for example “Live in cul-de-sac, best for vehicle to reverse in” or “Avoid school times” or maybe “no large vehicles”. Any comment that may aid delivery is especially welcome; you can also include other contact telephone numbers, more than one is always useful. If you require a VAT Invoice you can ask for that here and we will email one separately.

To continue with your order click the Terms & Conditions tab. When you have done that you then complete the second part; payment. Choose your preferred payment card and complete the required information boxes (shown with an asterisk). When you have done that click proceed. Our website uses 3D Secure, this is extra security set up by your card issuer and is something you may have to set up. If payment fails it is more than likely because of this and is nothing to do with our website. You should instead contact your card issuer. If payment has failed your order can still stand, we will call you at the earliest opportunity and can take payment over the phone.

You will receive two emails, one confirmation of order and one confirmation of payment. We will call you to thank you for your order and to arrange delivery, depending on when you order this may be within a couple of hours, the next day or if ordered at the weekend, Monday morning.

Please remember, our standard delivery is “roadside drop” only and is the most cost effective available, this is included in the price. Any other arrangement about where your stone can or cannot be put is between you and the delivering driver. We cannot deliver onto gravel areas, up kerbs etc.

Tips for a smooth delivery

A little forward planning should help your delivery go smoothly. Think about where you would like your delivery to be put and work around that. If parked cars are a problem then try to use your own car to good effect, park it out on the road to keep a space for your delivery then move it when the goods arrive. Include a friend or neighbours car too if possible, you can never have too much space. Do not go out on your delivery day, not even for a few minutes as we guarantee, that will be the moment your delivery arrives. Please be honest in giving delivery advice, if you think there could be problems then let us know, we can only act on information offered to us. Remember, if you turn a delivery away and want it to come back the following day then charges will apply. Please take a few minutes to read our delivery section

Any problems or questions please call 0151 357 2244.