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Delivery Terms & Conditions

It is your responsibility to ensure delivery can take place and that reasonable access is available. If delivery cannot happen for whatever reason (e.g. parked cars blocking entry to your street, no one in to accept delivery, unable to leave safely) and a re-delivery is needed then charges will always apply. These charges are set by the pallet company and are expensive, most will charge the original delivery fee again plus a 4% fuel surcharge. An example of re-delivery charges is given below, it is best if you plan to stay in all day.

All prices include standard kerbside delivery (this means on the road next to the kerb or the bottom of a driveway unless otherwise agreed) with no advance call. This is the best method to ensure our cheapest prices and please remember, all delivery days are given in good faith. See bottom of the page for a few tips on a smooth delivery. Please remember on our standard delivery we can only give a day of delivery and not a time.

We use a well known, third-party pallet distribution carrier and delivery is normally kerbside only, this is termed as our standard delivery method and this is how it works. Your order is collected and taken back to the collecting depots premises, it travels overnight to a central distribution hub, from there it will go to your local delivering depots premises and finally delivered to you on your allotted day. A total of at least 4 different vehicles.

The prices advertised on this shop include the cost of delivery to most of mainland U.K. with exception of the following postcodes: AB / DD / IV / KA27 + 28 / PA 20 to 75 / PH / PO 30 to 41. Other postcodes may apply, please call to discuss. We can deliver to these postcodes but an excess charge will have to be made depending on the size of the order. Please call 0151 357 2244 for a quotation.

Delivery Lead Times

Once the monies have been received, we aim to deliver all yard stock orders within 5 working days (working days are classed as Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays)and most yard stock orders will be delivered based on 4/5 working days after date of order, however some deliveries direct from suppliers may take up to 10 working days (on yard stock a 24 hour delivery service can be arranged at an extra cost of £25.00 + vat per pack (£30.00 inc VAT) or a 48 hour delivery service at an extra cost of £20.00 + vat par pack (£24.00 inc VAT) This is providing products are in stock and available for release. We will contact you to arrange a delivery day / date. Please be sure to leave a contact telephone number in the check out section. We will also deliver to another address other than your billing address, please be sure to input the correct delivery address.

Delivery Day

If a special arrangement has not been organised, the carrier company will deliver between the hours of 7.30am to 6.30pm (if you have not received your order by about 3 pm feel free to call us and we will check progress of your delivery). If you require an AM or PM delivery (Mon – Fri), this can be arranged at a cost of £20.00 plus vat (£24.00). If you require a specified timed delivery (Mon – Fri / 9am to 5pm), this can be arranged at a cost of £25.00 plus vat (£30.00). If you require a Saturday delivery (unfortunately specified times are not available), this can be arranged at a cost of £50.00 plus vat (£60.00). Whilst every effort will be made by us and the courier to effect delivery in accordance with any pre-arranged day, ourselves or the courier will not accept liability for any loss or damage occasioned by the delay in delivery however caused. **Any schedule given by us for delivery is given in good faith and we shall endeavour to comply with it. We will in no circumstances be liable for any costs or expenses incurred as a result of late or non-delivery.** We cannot be held responsible for any delay in delivery resulting from adverse weather, vehicle breakdown etc. Our delivery network only allows us to deliver within mainland U.K.

*** Once your order has been collected from us or our supplier it is then “on route”, any cancellation may result in return haulage charges at your cost. If your order has left the collecting depots premises and is further in transit then return haulage charges will certainly apply, these are normally deducted from your refunded amount. We will speak to you to book a delivery day and you must be present to accept delivery. If you are not and your delivery cannot take place a re-delivery charge may apply. If you order accessory items (for example Pave-Gard patio sealer or the Pave Fix jointing compound) these items will be put inside or on top of your delivery and well wrapped (if you think you order has been tampered with then please call us immediately). Before you sign for your delivery please check these items are included as we cannot entertain any claims for missing items once the delivery has been signed for as complete. Breakages; because of our full pack only policy most people when ordering paving end up with a little more than they need therefore the odd breakage is not normally a problem and most contractors would allow about 10% for cuts etc. However if you order a special feature/circle then please check all pieces as soon as possible and notify us within 5 working days, any later than this may cause problems.***

Delivery Drops

The carrier company who deliver on our behalf do in most cases, deliver on a vehicle that has a tail lift and a pallet pump truck, this is standard delivery method. Please bear in mind that large rigid sized wagons, and sometimes articulated wagons (up to 45ft), will deliver the goods. Suitable access will need to be available and in all cases it is the customers responsibility to provide a suitable area for offload. You must advise us of any restrictions that will impede the delivery vehicle from dropping the goods; it is imperative the area is hard and level (no hills or slopes). Delivery is kerbside drop only which means the carrier is only obliged to offload the goods from the tail lift via pump truck. If assistance is available and offered then the goods may be wheeled closer to your property if surfaces allow. Our couriers are not insured to take goods onto your premises without permission. If you require the driver to come off the public highway onto your property with the vehicle, the goods, or both, this is entirely at your own risk and if the driver / vehicle damages anything (eg Manhole Covers / tarmac driveways / block paved drives / flagged driveways / gravelled + stoned driveways / public footpaths / grassed areas / walls / pillars / gate posts / gates / trees / hedges / telephone wires / lights etc) the cost of repair will be your responsibility. The carrier company we use are very competent and you should have no cause to worry, we just have to point out the possible pit falls.

*** If vehicular access is a problem why not do what several of our customers have done – deliver to another address! We have made several deliveries now to customer workplaces and the product has been taken to the job in smaller vehicles…no problem!! *** We have delivered to a number of builders merchants local to customers addresses and they have made their own arrangements for crane off-load using their vehicle; sometimes a cheaper option than us arranging mechanical off-load. We can arrange full mechanical offload by brick grab crane or transportable fork truck at extra cost, this would be costed on request.


In a perfect world this wouldn’t happen, I would be a millionaire, play golf like Rory McIlroy and hang around with Kylie Minogue but as we all know, life isn’t perfect! Our stone is ethically sourced in India, it is crated up and will next see the light of day when you unpack it. In between it is transported from the quarry to the docks, put into a container, thrown around on the high seas for 6 weeks then unloaded in the UK. It travels to us, you buy it and finally we arrange transport to you. In all of that the odd breakage may occur, unfortunately replacement is not an option as these would certainly get broken in transit. Please remember most broken flags can be used for cuts and we, along with every other manufacturer and supplier recommend you allow at least 10% for cuts and breakages (and maybe the odd one you might not like the look of!) Because of this a refund or replacement will only occur in exceptional circumstances. However (and we do check), if there is significant damage then please let us know and we will do all we can to resolve the problem (significant damage is more than 10%). If you are ordering close to exactly what you want then please let us know and we will try and offer ideas and suggestions. I hope you appreciate our honesty and can be a little reasonable in return. Almost all flags will suffer small scuff or rub marks in transit, these are normally very minor and will disappear in a short time when laid.

Damage on Delivery

If you have a problem with your delivery and damage occurs or you suspect the product may be damaged then please sign the note as “Damaged on Delivery”. If you do not we cannot make a successful claim against insurance and ultimately replace any goods for you. Please sign “unchecked”.

Re-Delivery Charges

We have just had to re-deliver 3 pallets of stone because the customer had “nipped out for 5 minutes” and we couldn’t contact them by phone. Cost for re-delivery the following day was £156 – please stay in until your delivery arrives. Please make sure you are available to accept delivery.

Tips for a smooth delivery

A little forward planning should help your delivery go smoothly. Think about where you would like your delivery to be put and work around that. If parked cars are a problem then try to use your own car to good effect, park it out on the road to keep a space for your delivery then move it when the goods arrive. Include a friend or neighbours car too if possible, you can never have too much space. Do not go out on your delivery day, even for a few minutes as we guarantee, that will be the moment your delivery arrives. Please be honest in giving delivery advice, if you think there could be problems then let us know, we can only act on information offered to us. Please do not refuse a delivery for any reason without first calling us and remember, if you turn a delivery away and want it to come back the following day then charges will apply.

***Never refuse a delivery on your allotted day for any reason without first calling us. If you do, either re-delivery or return charges will apply. If you are unsure and it is during office hours (8-5) please call us immediately and we will advise***

NB All deliveries need to be inspected and signed for. If you are not at the delivery address to receive the goods or have not arranged anybody else to receive the goods on your behalf, the courier driver will not leave the goods.   A surcharge will be made and also another charge will be made for the cost to re-deliver. The cost will be reasonable and will be charged at the courier rate only.


All the prices advertised are plus VAT at the current rate.

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